Travel Safely with Norwood Travel Vaccination Clinic

Travel Safely with Norwood Travel Vaccination Clinic

Travelling abroad for a holiday, studying, work or adventure? When you plan your holiday, don’t forget to check that you have all the required and recommended vaccinations. We offer a private travel vaccination clinic in Norwood. You can book an appointment online for travel health advice and vaccinations

What are travel vaccinations?

Travel vaccinations are vaccines that are advised or required for people travelling to specific countries or regions. These vaccines provide protection against illnesses that are common in the areas being visited but may not be present in the traveller’s home country.
Yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and rabies are just a few of the serious illnesses that travel vaccines can help prevent. Some vaccines may be required by law for entry into certain countries, while others are suggested based on the traveller’s destination, length of stay, and planned activities.
During your travel vaccination clinic, one of the travel health experts will have a short consultation with you and check which vaccines are required and recommended for your travel destinations. You may also ask any questions during the appointment.

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Why do you need travel vaccinations?

When you plan your next trip abroad, make sure that you have the required and recommended vaccinations. Here are a few main reasons why it is important to get travel vaccinations:
It is important to remember that alongside vaccinations, you should also follow other precautions and travel advice. For example, using mosquito repellents and covering your body to protect against mosquito bites in areas with malaria risk.

When should you plan to get travel vaccines before your next trip?

If you are planning to go abroad, it is recommended that you book a travel clinic appointment well in advance to ensure that there is enough time to get the full course of all the recommended vaccines. Some vaccines have multiple doses that needs to be administered over a few weeks or months.
You should aim to book your travel vaccination appointment 6-8 weeks prior to your departure. If this is not possible then you should book it as early as possible. You can check our clinic availablity and book online.

Travel vaccination clinic in Norwood

We offer a private travel vaccination clinic in Norwood at Deejay Chemist. Our clinic offers a wide range of private travel vaccinations, travel advice, and travel health products. Simply book your appointment online and visit us at the pharmacy to get expert travel health advice and vaccinations. We also offer antimalarials for those travelling to high-risk malaria areas.

What other travel essentials you might need?

We also stock a wide range of travel essentials such as mosquito repellents, rehydration tablets, sunscreen, flight socks, travel sickness medicine and much more. Pleas ask in-store for any travel essentials that you might need. The pharmacy team will help you find the right product.